Get On Your Bike! Monday evening cycling group


Target group and approach

The ‘Get on your bike‘ Monday evening group is intended for novice cyclists. Everyone is welcome, young and old. It is a social ride: we leave together, and we finish together!

You will learn to ride in a group, discover fun routes around Utrecht and work on your fitness and basic cycling techniques (cadence, shifting, etc.). The length of the rides varies between 25 to 65 km. We start with shorter rides due to limited day light. We then gradually increase the distance, and the level of required fitness also increases.

During the various rides we will dedicate time to the following skills:

  • Material maintenance
  • Communication within the group during the ride
  • Cycling in echelon formation
  • Cycling through curves
  • Climbing and descending technique

Depending on the number of participants, we will cycle in groups of different levels.
• C-level. This group will always be present. The average speed is approximately 26-27 km/h.
• B-level, if there are enough attendees and enthusiasm. A group with an average of approximately 28-30 km/h

Our advice: When in doubt, go with the easiest group the first time.

For a photo impression look here!

Start time and location

We leave on Mondays at 7 PM from the square at café Klein Berlijn, Helling 87 Utrecht. After the rides, everyone is welcome to stay for drinks, again at Café Klein Berlijn.

Requirements and equipment

Ability to cycle, a road bike is required, and a helmet is mandatory. Click shoes are optional. Don’t forget to bring lights if it gets dark early! Riding is at your own risk. We recommend becoming a member of the NTFU (Dutch Cycling Organisation), because of the insurance they offer.

About cycling club Ledig Erf

Cycling club Ledig Erf is based in Utrecht and has been around for more than 25 years. The freedom (there are no mandatory training sessions) and the fun after the rides are important elements that characterise the club. Joining the ride on Monday evening is without any obligations for newcomers. And if you decide you like it, you can become a member. The contribution is €15 per year only.


If you would like to participate or have any questions, please contact us or register at:

Tip: install the ‘Cycl‘ app on your smartphone. Via the Cyql app you can view the public rides of cycling club Ledig Erf, including the Monday Evening rides. We will also keep you informed via the app, if, for example, we make last minute decisions. E.g. if we cancel a trip due to bad weather conditions.

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